• Image of THE DANGTRIPPERS ~ Transparent Blue Illusion
  • Image of THE DANGTRIPPERS ~ Transparent Blue Illusion

Zero Hour released this second Dangtrippers album back in 1991 but our distributor at the time destroyed 700 of the 1000 pressed CDs. That made this album basically an unknown release and its been lost for 26 years.

Finally we have decided to reissue this brilliant lost album along with 7 rare bonus cuts. If you love their Days Between Stations album, you will love this as well.

With main songwriter Devin Hill leaving and Pat White joining, their guitar sound changed to a slightly heavier feel but the jangle and harmonies are still there.

Produced by Jim Rondinelli ( Jayhawks and Trip Shakespeare) and recorded at Paisley Park.

Don't miss out this time.

TIP: with $9 postage you add up to 4 other Zero Hour releases with this order.